About Us
Pinnacle Marine Group - Captain Gregory P. Michael is the principal surveyor of the firm. Gregory has been around boats and yachts for most of his life. As a young adolescent he was involved in restoration, fiberglass work, engine maintenance and rebuilding, out drive rebuilding and marina maintenance. His love and passion for boats forced him to study the field of Marine Surveying so he could help others through their passionate purchases of small boats and yachts. After an extensive internship and annual classroom hours of study ,Captain Gregory P. Michael found it prudent to open Pinnacle Marine Group. More than two decades later and countless boats surveyed he has the experience and dedication to provide you with the most honest, accurate, and detailed evaluation of your vessel.

Professional Memberships:
Gregory P. Michael
National Association Of Marine Surveyors
NAMS-Certified Marine Surveyor #132-967
American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)
ABYC Standards Certified
ABYC Boat Builder Certified
ABYC Ships Systems Certifed
ABYC Marine Electrical Certified
ABYC Master Technician
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
USPAP Certified
New York State Certified Appraiser
USCG 50 Ton Master Captain

Gregory P. Michael - Marine Surveyor
Samantha Michael - Office Manager
Steve Bendis - Office Manager

Gregory and his staff continue to pursue mandatory continuing education credits each year to add to the breadth and diversity of their experience.

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